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Speaker Announcement

Dr. Hilligje van’t Land to join us at the Spring Campus 2017!

News from Mar 15, 2017

Deputy Secretary General at the International Association of Universities (IAU) Dr. Hilligje van’t Land will share insights from a recent survey on Higher Education and Sustainable Societies during the Opening Day on March 27.

The IAU, founded in 1950, is a worldwide organization with Member Institutions and Organizations in over 130 countries. It cooperates with a vast network of international, regional and national bodies. Its permanent Secretariat, the International Universities Bureau, is located at UNESCO, Paris, and provides a wide variety of services to Member Institutions and Organizations and to the international higher education community at large.

Before joining the IAU, she headed the Institute for American Universities in Avignon, France for 5 years. At the IAU (www.iau-aiu.net), she works on: IAU Membership Development; is editor of the Association's magazine IAU Horizons; works with the IAU secretary general and IAU team on the coordination of the Association’s Annual and General Conferences; is in charge of the following thematic priorities: the role of higher education in promoting sustainable development and innovative approaches to doctoral education in Africa.

With her vast experience in the areas of intercultural learning, dialogue in higher education and innovative approaches to education, we look forward on hearing her perspective on the overall question of the conference: Do Universities serve as Pacesetters in the societal transformation to sustainability?

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