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Workshop: “Financial Markets and Sustainable Development in Times of Climate Change”

SDG goal Economic Growth

SDG goal Economic Growth
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Discuss the role of the finance industry in times of changing expectations by the society during this digital workshop on October 20th, 4-6pm (CET).

News from Jun 28, 2020

Society’s expectations change - the finance industry must be transparent and clear about how its products and services simultaneously create value for its customers, clients, investors, as well as for society.

As a result of all those economic and political processes, finance industry and financial markets have moved center in promoting sustainable development. This includes the practices of financial institutions like pensions funds, the role of central banks in designing frameworks for green finance, and also the efforts of financial actors to create new financial products and services in support of sustainability transitions.

The workshop, organized by Kurt Hübner (University of British Columbia), Berthold Kuhn (Freie Universität Berlin) and Itay Fishhendler (Hebrew University) will address those questions.

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