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The UAS Conference is hosted by Freie Universität Berlin. In 2022 we will meet online. Our digital conference platform will provide exciting opportunities for networking and interaction. Want to learn more? Register soon and receive access to conference materials, live-sessions and networking opportunities of our interactive conference platform. 

Although we meet digitally, we would like to provide information about the green campus and sustainability management at your host university. We look forward to welcoming you to the Freie Universität Berlin in the future. 

Welcome to Freie Universität Berlin

The history of Berlin’s universities has close ties with the city’s history. Freie Universität Berlin was founded on December 4th 1948, by students, scholars, and scientists in the American sector of the divided city, backed by the Allied Forces and politicians. The move was sparked by the persecution faced by students who criticized the system at what was then known as Universität Unter den Linden (today’s Humboldt Universität zu Berlin), which was located in the city’s Soviet sector.


Today, Freie Universität Berlin is a leading research institution. In allrounds of the Excellence Initiative, a nationwide governmental competition between German universities, it was selected as one of 11 universities with “excellence” status, thereby securing extra funding for its institutional future development strategy. Having successfully backed several new doctoral programs and interdisciplinary research clusters, Freie Universität can proudly step up as an International Network University within the global competition.

International Exchange Networks

Freie Universität has an extensive, tight-knit global network, maintaining 105 university-wide partnerships, along with 339 university partnerships within the Erasmus academic exchange network and 45 departmental partnerships. Each year, around 600 international scholars and scientists contribute to the diversity of teaching and research activities pursued at Freie Universität. The international liaison offices in Cairo, Moscow, New Delhi, São Paulo, and New York, Beijing illustrate  FU’s commitment to international partnerships.


Overseen by the executive board, the University's Unit for Sustainability and Energy Management is responsible for the integration of sustainability practices within all areas and entities at Freie Universität. For further information about our responsibilities and current projects, please visit our website.

In December 2019 Freie Universität Berlin declared a state of climate emergency. The Executive Board of the university passed a resolution acknowledging the university’s responsibility for climate protection and formulating far-reaching goals. Among other things, the university aims to become climate neutral by 2025 and to anchor the topic of climate protection in the curricula of all subjects.