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Spring Campus Conference 2019: Re:search. Re:act. Re:design. The Future is Now: Driving Sustainable Development

During the Spring Campus 2019 we welcomed 166 researchers, students and sustainability experts from 20 countries, over 60 universities and institutions. The event’s topic “The Future is Now: Driving Sustainable Development“ sparked lively discussions among all participants. Coming from different cultural and professional backgrounds, the participants shared their perspectives on the responsibility science and universities should adopt to contribute to the global sustainability discourse. With the conference the Alliance aims to contribute to spreading innovative ideas, interesting research and sustainable campus solutions across the globe and to spark extended dialogue between all stakeholders on campus and beyond.

Here you find the participants list. The complete program is available here.

Opening Day

Keynotes and discussions on the conference’s overall theme: The Future is Now: Driving Sustainable Development“

Keynote - Plenary Session Tuesday, April 02

Dr. Lisa Ruhrort, Berlin Social Science Center: "Smart Cities – The University Campus as Part of an Urban Sustainable Transport Vision"

Keynote - Plenary Session Wednesday, April 03

Dr. Felix Matthes, Institute for Applied Ecology: "Germany's Coal Phase-Out: Full Speed Ahead for Renewable Energy?"

Workshop I

“The Use of Knowledge for Sustainability Transitions” chaired by Prof. Dr. Carsten Dreher (Chair of Innovation Management, FU Berlin), Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Eppinger (HTW Berlin), Carsten Schwäbe, Myriam Preiss, Daniel Weiss

Workshop II

“Climate Change and Social Networks", chaired by Prof. Nina Kolleck (FU Berlin), Prof. David Tindall (University of British Columbia), Alexandra Goritz (FU Berlin)

Workshop III

“Education for Sustainability (EfS): Sharing and Strengthening the Teaching and Learning” chaired by Prof. Robert VanWynsberghe (University of British Columbia), Prof. Nina Kolleck (FU Berlin)

Workshop IV

“Transitions to a Low-Carbon Economy from a Comparative Perspective” chaired by Dr. habil. Berthold Kuhn (FU Berlin), Prof. Kurt Hübner (University of British Columbia), Anna-Lena Guske (FU Berlin)

Workshop V

“Sustainable Mobility at Universities” chaired by Andreas Wanke, Katrin Risch (FU Berlin)

PhD Workshop I

PhD Workshop “Environmental Politics”, April 04-05, 2019

PhD Workshop II

PhD Workshop: “Sustainable Development Research – an Interdisciplinary Chance or Challenge?”, April 4-5, 2019

Program Overview