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Refubium automatically captures and saves all accesses to the metadata pages and related documents. Various evaluations of these statistics are available on the website.

The following values are displayed for each document:

  • The number of visits to the metadata page (pageview) since the document was released or since june 2018. Older statistical data are not visible.
  • Visits per month on the metadata page (pageview) for the last 6 months
  • The number of downloads of the corresponding (PDF) files since the document was released or since june 2018

In addition, on each page of the collections, overall statistics are available, each containing lists of the most frequently visited documents. The views of the metadata (pageview) are used and displayed as a sorting criterion.

All usage data are adjusted for robotic access, as far as this is technically possible.

In addition, total download figures, such as those required for the German library statistics, as well as other data such as frequent searchterms, are also accessible for the administrators.

The statistics will not create in a Counter like manner. even there is no instituion specific downlaod sheet available.