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Refubium operational concept

Refubium is run on DSpace (version 6.2 currently implemented), an open-source software, on a virtual server running on Debian in a recent distribution.

The virtual server and the pertinent blade-storage unit are located in a specially secured server room operated by the Freie Universität central computing services unit (Zentraleinrichtung Datenverarbeitung, ZEDAT) and are subject to the guidelines for secure computer operation as valid at any given time.

Virtual-server operation and the strict separation between server and application (including data) facilitates the adaptation of all components (CPU, disk space, maintenance) to all respective requirements, as may arise.

The data security is guaranteed by ZEDAT's own backup daily as an incremental backup; a full backup is carried out approximately every four weeks.

Application and server are managed by the University Library IT department. Metadata maintenance and activation of content on the server lies with the Repository Editorial Team – as part of the responsibilities handled by the University Library Dissertations Department.