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The Freie Universität University Library holds a block on ISBNs that we are happy to pass on to Freie Universität members free of charge if required. Please address your requests to the University Library Dissertations Department / Repository Editiorial Team: hsstelle@ub.fu-berlin.de

Please notice:

  • Each independent publication receives its own unique ISBN; e.g .printed books; electronic independent ressources ; software including teaching and learning materials;  films for educational purposes; print-on-demand publications
  • Significant changes to a publication such as new editions, translations, digitization and transfers into other formats (paperback, audio book, electronic publication) require a new ISBN.
  • The ISBN and the reference to Freie Universität Berlin must be placed in the imprint. In the case of film material, for example, the ISBN must be mentioned in the opening credits.