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Summer School 2014: Commonalities and Differences: The Bronze Age, the Ancient High Civilizations, and Industrial Modernity

(July 21 - August 3, 2014)

This summer school was part of the Global Humanities Campus 2014 and brought together all participants of the network's mobility program of the year 2014.

The main aim of the two-week summer school was to discuss whether or not there are significant changes with regard to basic principles of cultural evolution in the abovementioned periods. The seminars within the summer school were taught by post-docs and junior professors, as well as by senior professors from all participating institutions.

Further information on the lectures and the participants may be found here:


Ofer Ashkenazi (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Atrocities as Post-modern Jokes: Reflections on Nazism in Contemporary Israel and Germany

Remigius Bunia (Freie Universitaet Berlin)
The Rise of the Mother Tongue

Wei-ming Chou (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Cross-Taiwan-Strait Relation of the Last 100 Years

Elisabeth Engel (Freie Universitaet Berlin)
Race in Space: A History of Modern Segregation

Michael Freikman (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Transregional Relations in the Protohistoric Old World Through the Prism of the Megalithic Architecture
Carla Gago (Freie Universitaet Berlin)
Interdisciplinarity, Passe-Partout or Emergence of Cultural Dynamics
Eran Laish (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Knowledge and Method in the Ancient School of Tibetan Buddhism
Song Hwee Lim (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Speed and Slowness in Contemporary Film Culture
DS Mayfield (Freie Universitaet Berlin)
Determinism and Contingency in Antiquity and the Early Modern Age
Jean-Marie Schaeffer (École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales)
Modernist Art, Historicism and Democracy: Modernity, the Hero and the Common Man
Nils F. Schott (Johns Hopkins University)
The Theory and Practice of Natural Religion
Elisabeth Strowick (Johns Hopkins University)
Suspicion: Signs of Modernity
Ioana Vultur (École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales)
Thinking Modernity : Baudelaire's Reflections on Art, Beauty and Society
Wan-Jui Wang (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Crossover: Cold War Narratives in Taiwan New Cinema
Marie-Christin Wilm (Freie Universitaet Berlin)
Rethinking the Tragic: Commonalities and Differences in Ancient and Modern Thought on Tragedy
Susanne Zepp (Freie Universitaet Berlin)
Culture and Negotiated Meanings in Michel De Montaigne's Essais (1580-1588)