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Global Humanities Distinguished Lecture Series 

The GHDLS brings together international scholars from six partner institutions: Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, and Freie Universitaet Berlin. Each partner institution of the PCD network invites outstanding senior scholars conducting research within the framework of the network’s concept. Under the umbrella of this lecture series, scholars from the humanities discuss various aspects of cultural processes, changes and innovations spanning all historical eras. The invited senior scholars present and discuss their research topics during a series of evening lectures.

Global Humanities Campus (GHC)

The GHC takes place annually, during the summer months, and consists of a two-week summer school, as well as of a two-day workshop.
As part of the summer school, the participants of the mobility programs of the PCD network, circulating in the course of the year, assemble for two weeks in Berlin. In addition, graduate and doctoral students are invited to take part in the summer school at the Freie Universitaet Berlin. The individual sessions are taught by postdocs and senior scholars, whose research focus pertains to the network’s field of study. By way of an immediate exchange with advanced graduate and doctoral students, these scholars present their research topics during colloquia, discussing content-related implications with regard to the framework subject of cultural dynamics. An accompanying cultural program provides these international and interdisciplinary scholars with the possibility of exchanging ideas, thus implementing and strengthening the backbone of the PCD project—the conception of a network.

Joint Workshop

As part of the two-week summer school, a two-day workshop will be taking place, during which renowned humanities scholars from all partner universities will be presenting new research topics—while enjoying the possibility of discussing these in detail, and of further developing them conjointly. Particularly this workshop is to serve all participating scholars as an incubator for novel (research) initiatives and other forms of collaboration.

Please find all past events here. For upcoming events, please click here.