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Research to Market Challenge: Bring your ideas to life.

Research to Market Challenge

Research to Market Challenge
Image Credit: Profund Innovation

News from Mar 15, 2017

“Research to Market Challenge” is a competition for research-based product and business ideas from Freie Universität Berlin, Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin and cooperating institutes. The purpose of the “Research to Market Challenge” is to guide members and alumni of the participating institutions through the process of getting their ideas about potential product or business out of their head, on to paper, and into an actionable plan for the first steps.

We are looking for product and business ideas from three categories:

  • Digital
  • Life Sciences & Technologies
  • Cultural & Social

The deadline for submitting the ideas is May 1, 2017. The ideas will be reviewed by a jury of experts. Andreas Wanke, Head of the Sustainability and Energy Management Unit, will be part of the selection committee and will provide the sustainability perspective to the jury.

A total prize money of 9,000 Euro will be awarded. The award will take place on the occasion of a formal closing ceremony on July, 18 2017. The Research to Market Challenge is organized by Profund Innovation, Charité’s technology transfer office and the entrepreneurship network ‘Netzwerk Unternehmertum der Freien Universität Berlin’. The competition generously supported by the Ernst-Reuter-Association, Stiftung Charité, Berliner Sparkasse and Deloitte Analytics Institute.

All relevant information about the competition can be found here.

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