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Cultural program and Extended Classroom

Field Trip to the Soviet War Memorial in Berlin

Field Trip to the Soviet War Memorial in Berlin

The FU-BEST program features an elaborate set of learning support and cultural experience activities.

Extended Classroom

The Extended Classroom concept is meant to tie the academic work carried out in the regular classroom to the tremendous variety of historical, political, cultural, and societal sources and opportunities available in Berlin. All German language and subject courses feature field-trips and assignments that take advantage of these resources in order to allow students to apply their (German and other) skills in a practical context.

As part of the Extended Classroom, all students will complete an independent project connected to a specific site in Berlin (a museum, memorial site, institution etc.) in each subject course. All German language courses include 5-6 field trips with on-site assignments and activities.

Week-long excursion

Each semester, all students participate in a week-long off-site excursion organized by the program. Destinations vary each semester, but always include German cities, such as Munich or Hamburg, and European sites, like Copenhagen or Prague. See the semester schedules for upcoming destinations.

Language Tandem and Volunteering

In order to enhance participants' German language ability and their interaction with German society, the program offers the option of a one-on-one language tandem partner program.

Students interested in volunteering during their stay abroad are provided with various options and matched with suitable organizations.

Cultural events and museum pass

To take advantage of Berlin's thriving cultural scene, FU-BEST invites all participants to select two events from a concert, opera, and spectator sports program. 

Program participants also receive a pass for use in all museums associated with the Foundation for State Museums in Berlin (Staatliche Museen zu Berlin).

Furthermore, our Blog provides students with a variety of suggestions and recommendations about current events in Berlin and German culture in general. Check out our Blog for more.