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FU-BEST 34: Migration: Dynamics and Controversies in Europe and Berlin

InstructorAino Korvensyrjä
Credit Points6 ECTS


Modern nation-states rely on borders to govern mobility as “migration”. In the context of globalization, migration governance and the public debates and societal contestations around it have become increasingly salient. This interdisciplinary course addresses different phenomena of migration and borders, paying attention to the historical contexts and the complex and contested nature of migration governance. Drawing on social, legal, cultural, historical and political perspectives, and engaging grassroots movements and audio-visual works, the course focuses on European and German policies, institutions, practices and debates over migration and borders. Also the Berlin level will be discussed, particularly by guests and in relation to local contestations.

The course takes distance from the nation-state and borders as normative frames, introducing critiques of methodological nationalism and critical perspectives emerging from (everyday) practices of migration and antiracist movements. Borders are explored as complex, contested practices / relations at the intersection of race, law, gender, control of labour, international relations and other factors, creating (global) social hierarchies and unequal access to mobility and other rights / resources.

The course program includes lectures, discussion of weekly readings, guests, watching films/excerpts, videos and web-based multimedia projects, and an excursion.