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FU-BEST offers a Free Digital Lecture Series

News from Aug 28, 2020

For the first time, FU-BEST offers a Free Digital Lectures Series. Every Wednesday for the duration of our Fall Semester 2020, FU-BEST will present one of 12 subject course lectures in English as well as one of three live German language sessions online. Join our instructors from disciplines as varied as history, literature, politics, law, architecture, business, philosophy, environmental studies, and many more as they share their respective expertise in three main thematic sections – the past, present and future of Europe, Germany, and Berlin. Select the available German level that fits you best (or try out all three!) and experience a live session in December about the holiday season in Berlin with one of our dedicated German language teachers. 

The full program of our digital lecture series, complete with dates, session descriptions, and instructors’ CVs, is available here

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