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Berlin is in general a safe city and the campus of Freie Universität Berlin is located in a quiet residential area. Although the program and the university make all reasonable efforts to ensure the safety of their students, a risk-free environment is not guaranteed. Participants should follow the same certain precautions they would take in their home countries while abroad. Students are expected to pay attention to safety requirements and to carefully study all given safety guidelines. In case of immediate danger, participants should call 112 anywhere in the European Union for police, emergency medical service or fire brigade. Furthermore, students should also inform their relatives and the FU-BEST staff about their personal situation in case of health issues or any other unforeseen events.


The following section may provide further advice in case of major national and international civil emergencies (without any claim of completeness):

  • Students should stay in touch with their relatives and their home universities. Program participants and relatives should also stay informed by contacting their home country‘s embassy or consulate in Berlin or any other relevant official representation in Germany.
  • In case a critical situation might occur on campus, the university publishes regular updates on its website as well as social media channels. Students are expected to follow the instructions of the university staff and faculty at any time.
  • To find out about free counselling services (e.g. emergency assistance, hotlines), students can also visit the website of studierendenWERK Berlin and Berlin‘s official homepage visitBerlin.