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If you wish to opt out of the two housing choices provided through the program, you may do so, but please note the following. Clearly mark the fact that you are “opting out” of program-provided housing on the application form. After the application deadline has passed (November 1 or April 1, depending on the semester for which you are applying), it is no longer possible to reverse your “opting out”; you have then firmly committed yourself to setting up your own housing in Berlin, with the program exempt from any responsibility in this regard.

If you wish to use online research for independent housing, you may consider the websites listed below.

Disclaimer: The following websites are only suggestions. FU-BEST is not affiliated with any of these providers and therefore cannot guarantee their credibility or quality. Please be aware that housing scams can be common in Berlin, so be cautious and check any potential offers thoroughly. Be sure to rent an apartment only when you are presented with a clearly formulated contract, that you fully understand its content if it is a document in German, that the information on the location of the apartment is clear and complete, and that the contract contains explicit details regarding the full name, address, and telephone number of the landlord/rental company. These details will eventually be vital for your visa application.

Search Engines - Shared Housing / Wohngemeinschaft (WG):

Search Engines - Furnished Rooms / Apartments: