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Berlin Potsdamer Platz

Berlin Potsdamer Platz

Berlin is a dynamic and diverse European city rich in culture and history. Its prominence as a relevant historic site, especially in regard to Germany’s more recent past, has made Berlin a vibrant metropolis where remnants of the past visibly mix with bedrocks of modernity.

Cultural highlights

Visitors are able to experience a wide range of cultural offerings and highlights of the fine arts, which are featured in countless local museums, world-renowned concert halls, opera houses, and theaters. The city’s internationally famous music and street art scene also makes Berlin a popular venue for outdoor concerts, festivals, fairs, and other local events, especially in the summer time.

Green spaces

Contributing to Berlin’s unique cityscape - and something incoming students are often surprised to learn - is the city’s focus on maintaining a natural environment and providing its 3.7 million inhabitants with many green spaces for relaxation. Various parks, lakes, rivers, forests, and public recreational areas increase Berliners’ quality of living significantly.

Public transportation

A first-class and expansive public transportation provides an eco-friendly way to explore and navigate through the city. City-wide bike lanes have also established Berlin’s positive reputation of being a very bicycle-friendly city for commuters. As Germany’s capital, Berlin is a focal point for travel and provides access to various destinations throughout Germany and central Europe.