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Moving Towards a Career in Industry - A Workshop on Career Planning and Development

Number of Places12
There are vacanciesja
Participation Fee100€
RoomDahlem Research School, Hittorfstraße 16, 004

Thu. 30 April 2015, 9:00-17:00

Student Profile

For advanced doctoral candidates and postdocs (Natural & Life Sciences).


This workshop gives the participants the opportunity to reflect upon their career possibilities in business and industry. They will assess their academic profile and skill set taking their field knowledge as well as a range of social competencies into account. They will then be able to define the direction of their future path and elaborate a development plan to build on their strength and expand skills where necessary or desirable.


  • different career paths outside of academia for natural and life scientists
  • influencing factors and qualifications requirements of each professional field
  • job assessment and procedures used for filling positions in different job sectors
  • qualitative and quantitative analysis of one’s profile and development of goals
  • working out criteria for making decisions and developing concrete steps for further professional development


In order to respond better to each participant’s individual situation, they will be asked in advance to fill out a questionnaire concerning their specific needs and their expectations.