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There are different options: dial-up, ISDN, and DSL, which work via the telephone line, and cable.

Dial Up & ISDN

Modem: Most dial-up Internet service providers offer two types of access:

  • a pay-as-you-go service, mainly on a per-minute basis
  • a contract service where you pay a fixed amount per month for a limited access (these start at around € 15/month)

Note that there are no flat rates available for dial-up access. Both analogue and ISDN lines can be used to access the Internet by dial up. ISDN will offer you faster access at 64 kbps (or 128 kbps, if you use both lines at the same time). The monthly fee for an ISDN line is approx. € 5 more expensive. You will need a special ISDN modem and the telephone line must be approved for ISDN use.

Access rates vary considerably. Many providers do not require any sign-up or commitment – by simply calling a designated number to make the connection is enough. The per minute rate starts at 1 Cent.

For more information check billiger-surfen.de.


If you wish to have a high speed Internet connection, you might want a DSL connection. This provides an Internet access up to 30 times faster than a standard analogue service. It requires an existing landline and involves additional fees like:

  • installation fee
  • monthly fee

More information can be found here: