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Conference in honor of Angelika Neuwirth



Gelehrsamkeit und Engagement

Festveranstaltung anlässlich des 70. Geburtstages von Angelika Neuwirth.

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In an increasingly connected yet fragmented world, the relationship of scholarly erudition to ethical commitment has never been more relevant. While the notion of erudition may appear outmoded, its various manifestations, such as self-detachment, comprehensiveness and care for difference remain significant strategies in reading texts and the human experiences they embody. Yet this devotion to texts should not be understood as a mode of self-absorption or indifference to societal and political concerns but rather, as Angelika Neuwirth’s impressive oeuvre reminds us, reading is a genuine act of compassion and responsibility to the world in which we live.
On the occasion of the seventieth birthday of the Arabist and Qur’an scholar Angelika Neuwirth, friends and colleagues gather together to celebrate a scholarly career that has left its impressions on various fields of scholarship, ranging from her efforts to integrate Arabic literature into comparative literary studies in European universities to her pursuit of a European reading of the Qur’an, which dispels long-held notions of alterity and foreignness and explores the potential for a collective reading of sacred scripture. Dwelling throughout her scholarly life on the cultural and intellectual thresholds between the Islamic-Jewish-Christian worlds of Europe and the Middle East, Angelika Neuwirth’s intellectual career serves as an emblem of a scholarship that binds together the pursuit of knowledge with ethical commitment.

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