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DHC profile

Founded in 2007, the Dahlem Humanities Center (DHC) is the first and only of its kind in Germany. Its main goal is to identify and to investigate new trends in the humanities and to foster interdisciplinary research, both on a local and an international level. Enhancing the visibility of the humanities in the general public is a crucial part of this mission.


Mission statement

  • To foster communication and collaboration in the humanities and to support new collabo­rative research endeavors within Freie Universität Berlin
  • To identify and promote current research trends
  • To establish and expand international research cooperation
  • To increase the visibility of Freie Universität’s humanities
  • To promote young researchers through fellow­ships and other academic support programs



A wide variety of events and pro­gram series’ create the basis for a vibrant exchange of knowledge and ideas between re­searchers from all career levels. Coope­ra­tion with non-uni­versity research orga­niza­tions, cultural institutions, and the humanities centers at leading universities around the world promise to generate important new impulses for humanities research in Berlin.

One of the highlights of DHC’s program is the annual Hegel Lecture, which is held by renowned scholars in the humanities, such as Judith Butler, Homi Bhabha or Hélène Cixous. The public nature of this lecture meets the DHC’s objective to carry the arts and hu­manities beyond the campus limits to Berlin’s general public.

Several DHC Lectures take place over the course of the academic year. Scholars from all over the world are invited to give guest lectures and discuss their research with scholars and stu­dents at Freie Universität Berlin.

The Siegfried Unseld Lectures are organized in cooperation with Suhrkamp pu­­blishers and are given by prominent writers who have a par­ticular commitment to the publishing house and its program. The lecture series aims to contribute to the public dialogue and intellectual exchange be­tween literature, media, and the humani­ties.



The DHC serves as a host institution for different fellowship programs offering international junior and senior scholars the possibility of short- and long-term research stays at Freie Universität Berlin:

  • Dahlem Postdoc Fellowship
  • Dahlem Junior Host Program
  • Fellowship Program for postdoctoral resear­chers based at academic institutions in the U.S. (Volkswagen Foundation and Andrew W. Mellon Foundation)

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