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Freie Universität Berlin cooperates with its Egyptian partners in various fields to improve research and teaching and build up strong international networks with the MENA region. Below we list a non-exhausitive selection of past and present projects. For more information please contact our Office in Cairo or the respective project coordinator mentioned on the project page.

Two DAAD-financed excavations schools have taken place since 2011 at the archaeological site of Qesna, where students from Minufiyeh University and Freie Universtät Berlin, as well as employees from the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities have been trained in excavation methods. The school is headed by Dr. Joanne Rowland from the Freie Universität Berlin. More information ->

The start-up support of the Freie Universität Berlin profund facilitated the establishment of four technology centres in Egypt, which were opened at the American University in Cairo, as well as Cairo University, Asyut University and Helwan University in 2010. The project was funded by the European Union. It aims at transfering research results from the Egyptian universities to the local economy and thus strengthening their innovation capacity. The cooperation took place over three years.

This project is based on a long-term cooperation between the Center for Middle Eastern and North African Politics of Freie Universität Berlin and the Master Program Euro Mediterranean Studies of Cairo Universität. It seeks to develop new learning methods and research approaches in political science and Middle East studies, in order to integrate the challenges of recent political developments in the region into the discipline. More information ->

Seven institutes of communication studies are working together in the DAAD-financed project, “Communication in Transformation – Transforming Communication Studies”. The network aims to explore new developments in research and to actively include new methods and findings in media studies into the curriculum at the seven different locations. More information ->

There often is a fundamental difference between researching Arabic literature from a “Western” and from an “Arabic” point of view. In order to create a closer exchange between the different research cultures, the project “Arabic Philologies” brings together scholars from both regions and linguistic backgrounds. In several summer schools they test didactic methods for joint learning, teaching and research. More information ->

Egyptian and German universities share a common problem: The low number of female professors and female workers in leading positions. By exchanging successful models and elaborating new instruments, four Egyptian universities and Freie Universität Berlin are promoting equality objectives on the legislative and administrative level and anchor gender sensitivity in research and teaching. More information ->

In this study program, students learn how to implement scientific knowledge on children's rights in politics. The project was funded until 2013 through the European Union and is coordinated by Cairo University. Besides the Freie Universität Berlin and CeDiS, other Arab and European institutions are also participating in this project. The diploma studies started in 2011 at Cairo University and Asyut University. More information on www.dppcr.net.

The project aims to analyse the impact of climate change on megacities and to develop policy-recommendations on how urban development can improve the microclimate. In this BMBF co-financed project scientists from Freie Universität Berlin are cooperating with scientists, city planners and inhabitants of Cairo, Nairobi and Istanbul. More information ->

Since 2005, regular collective excavation campaigns have been held by the Universität Mainz and Sohag, as well as Freie Universität Berlin at the Gebel Asyut al-Gharbi. Findings, inscriptions and decorations of various princes’ graves from the 21st and 20th centuries B.C. are published within the framework of the DFG-financed project. More information ->

Since 2012, the Freie Universität Berlin has invited student representatives from both Cairo and Alexandria Universities two times, to provide them with an overview of the inner university decision structures and to offer different models of student self-administration. The experience should support student representatives in participating actively in university life. More information ->

In this one-week workshop German and Egyptian Academics from different disciplines discussed the impact of the rapid social, cultural and political change in the Arab region on key concepts such as freedom, justice and dignity. More information ->