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Research Colloquium

Our research colloquium during the semester period serves as the key meeting point for all fellows to share, discuss, and support each other’s work. Participation in the colloquium allows fellows to reflect on their ongoing research and gain knowledge of current research done in other academic fields. Unlike most academic settings, in which opportunities for truly interdisciplinary dialogue are rare, the Berlin Program deliberately promotes a cross-disciplinary dialogue. In order to cultivate such exchanges, we organize theory and methodology workshops, invite public intellectuals and artists, screen films, and explore Berlin on thematic city walks. Throughout the academic year, the colloquium thus serves as a base to develop the projects and build cooperation between our researchers.

In the upcoming summer semester 2020 Prof. Dr. Konrad Jarausch, UNC at Chapel Hill and Prof. Dr. Harald Wenzel, John F. Kennedy Institute will be leading our research colloquium. Meet the colloquium's participants and view its meeting schedule.