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Office of Faculty Recruitment and Appointment Strategy (BBS)


The Office of Faculty Recruitment and Appointment Strategy (BBS) at Freie Universität Berlin falls directly under the remit of the Executive Board. It is the university management’s assigned point of contact for all appointment and reappointment procedures. Its tasks include supporting decision-making processes by providing specialist advice, information processing, and monitoring the appointment procedure. It is also responsible for developing other potential roles and positions, as well as implementation plans, in alignment with the university’s appointment strategy.

As a central point of contact, it supports the departments and central institutes in appointing university professors, junior professors, and tenure track professors. If offers advice in all matters related to the appointment procedure, strategy, and any related legal aspects.

The office’s objective is to facilitate the appointment of excellent candidates while working in close cooperation with the university management, departments, and central institutes. It is dedicated to promoting gender equality and diversity in all aspects of its work.

Office of Faculty Recruitment and Appointment Strategy

Kaiserswerther Str. 16-18
14195 Berlin
Fr. Dr. Helen Bohse-Nehrig
+49 30 838 4 73160