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Accounting: Unit II B

Accounting, Cashier's Office, Clearing Office

Garystraße 69
14195 Berlin

II B 1: Invoices, Fixed Asset Accounting

The central invoice office posts approximately 120,000 invoices a year. There are also decentralized invoice offices that post their unit’s invoices themselves.

Fixed asset accounting covers an average of 12,000 new facilities each year and closes out about 3,000 old ones.

II B 2: Cashier's Office, Accounting

This working group posts and checks all invoices of Freie Universität Berlin, including income. It is also responsible for dunning and collections. About 300,000 invoices pass through the accounting units each year and are checked for correct bank details and account allocation.

II B 3: Cashier's Office, Payment Transactions

The Cashier's Office forms the interface to the banks and handles all payment transactions, including international payments.

II B CS: Clearing Office

This working group supports the processes in electronic invoice processing and provides assistance in case of problems with the UniKat ordering system.