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Transponders (Electronic Key System)

Transponders (Electronic Key System)


You can get a transponder from the person responsible for keys at your office. You will need to provide the following information:

  • First and last name        

  • Employee number         

  • Contract (permanent or fixed-term)

  • Department

  • Contract start date

  • Contract end date (if applicable)                                             

  • Building(s) and room number(s) to which you need access

After receiving your transponder, you must activate it yourself at one of the central activation points (“readers”). These are located in all Freie Universität buildings near the entrance or in the foyer. Hold your transponder to the reader until the reader flashes green to show that your transponder is activated. For security reasons, access permissions are only stored temporarily on transponders. This means you will need to reactivate your transponder regularly (usually every 7 days) in order to re-confirm your access permissions.