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Goals of the Study

Graduates can provide information about their career paths one and a half years after graduation and how they evaluate their studies retrospectively. Those who are already working can provide information on where they have found employment and how they can use the skills they have acquired at the university.

This information serves to improve the study conditions at Freie Universität Berlin as well as the employability of students by providing the departments with the results for their programs.

The main questions can be summarized as follows:

  1. What are graduates doing today? Have they stayed at the university (for a master’s degree or doctoral program, etc.), or have they moved on?
  2. What are the transitions from studying to professional life like?
  3. How do former students rate the study programs completed at Freie Universität Berlin?
  4. What is their current professional situation like and how satisfied are they?
  5. What proportion of bachelor's degree go on to study for a master's degree?
  6. Why do bachelor's degree change universities for further studies (master's degree, doctorate)?

Freie Universität Berlin has been conducting this survey as part of the Graduate Survey Cooperation Project (KOAB) since 2008 together with more than 60 universities and the Institute for Applied Statistics (ISTAT).

Since 2018, KOAB has been linked to the National Graduate Panel. This panel is designed to provide education reporting and enable policy-making at the federal level.