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What is the function of the access code?

The randomly generated personal access code (PIN) that has been or will be sent to you by mail has two functions:

1. It is not possible to participate in the survey without an access code. This ensures that the survey can only be filled out by people who are part of the correct group. Each PIN is only assigned one time, and authorizes the holder to fill out the survey in full one time. During the survey period, you can use the same PIN to re-access the survey at any time and continue from where you left off as long as you have not completed the survey on a final basis. It is not possible to draw any conclusions whatsoever regarding individuals via the access code.

2. As part of the study of graduates, there are plans to conduct a follow-up survey in about three or four years, since the circumstances surrounding graduates’ entry into the workforce and their professional development may vary widely. To conduct this kind of follow-up survey, it is necessary to link the survey data from the first wave of surveys with the data collected later on. This will only take place if you agree to participate in the follow-up survey on the last pages of the survey. If you do so, and only if you do so, we will store your address together with the access code, but not together with your answers on the survey.