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How is the survey integrated into the KOAB project? What role does ISTAT play in this project?

The graduate survey is part of a nationwide scientific research project. The Cooperation Project on Graduate Studies (KOAB) is coordinated by the Institute for Applied Statistics (ISTAT). Approximately 70,000 graduates from more than 60 universities participate in this project each year.

The KOAB project comprises a first and a second survey. In the first survey, all graduates of the participating universities are interviewed about one to one and a half years after their graduation. The graduates are also asked for their consent to participate in a second survey, which takes place approximately five years after their graduation. The second survey is of high scientific value, as it provides robust information on the medium to long-term career development of graduates, as well as insights into career entry.

As part of the KOAB project, ISTAT uses the data supplied by graduates of the participating higher education institutions to create an anonymous “scientific use file.” This makes it possible to perform a detailed analysis of how higher education study program conditions and offerings affect graduates’ future activities and professional success.