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What happens with the results of the study?

The survey data are first stored on a server of ISTAT. After completion of the survey phase, the survey data are processed by ISTAT. The participating universities will receive the results for their study programs in the form of tables. For each study program in which more than 10 graduates took part in the survey, a report will be produced. For small programs with a response of less than 10 graduates, cumulative reports are produced every two years so that these programs also receive feedback. At Freie Universität Berlin these results are used for quality development.

In addition, the survey data are used for research purposes. As part of the KOAB project, ISTAT is compiling an anonymized scientific use file from the survey data of graduates of Freie Universität Berlin and from the survey data of all other universities participating in the project. This allows for analysis of higher education and labor market research issues based on nationwide data.