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Final Reports of the Graduate Surveys

 Since 2008, Freie Universität Berlin has been participating in the cooperation project KOAB, which uses graduate surveys to analyze the effects of study programs and conditions at the higher education level in Germany. The project (Study Conditions and Professional Success), in which more than 60 higher education institutions in Germany have participated each year since that time, is organized and supervised by the Institute for Applied Statistics (ISTAT) at the University of Kassel.

Below, you find several reports of the first three rounds of the survey, each of which brought responses from approximately 40% of the graduates for that year’s graduating class (2007, 2008, 2009). A summarizing report for the years 2011, 2012 and 2013 can be found here. In this report, the results are compared across years and field of study. All reports are published in German,

We would like to thank everyone who participated for the time and effort they spent filling out the questionnaires and for the points of criticism they cited in the process. This has helped to further improve the quality of study programs and teaching at Freie Universität Berlin.


In addition, there are several publications on the overall study. These publications can be requested from the KOAB cooperation project of the University of Kassel/INCHER.