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How do I create a link to the current course offerings across multiple semesters?

It is possible to create a permanent link (a “permalink”) to the then-current semester by removing the parameter “sm=xyz” from the URI. Example: If you want to create a permalink to the then-current advanced modules (Aufbaumodule) for the core subject of Education, you need to remove the semester parameter “&sm=11907” from the URI http://www.fu-berlin.de/vv/modul?id=66339&sm=11907.
The application automatically selects the then-current semester and re-routes the user to the relevant course offerings. This means that the link does not need to be adjusted every semester. Please note: The time at which the next semester is set as the current semester for the purposes of the course catalog is determined by the Evento service staff together with the course planners at the departments.