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Using the old course catalog (up to the 2012 summer semester)

Finding current courses

  • You can enter multiple search terms in the search field. You can also search for the just the start of a word. The search engine searches the “Title” (Titel), “Instructor” (Dozent), and “Course Number” (LV-Nummer) fields.

  • For a detailed description of search options, please see www.fu-berlin.de/vv/search.

Finding courses from past semesters

  • You can also find courses from past semesters. To do so, click “Semester” in the navigation menu and select the appropriate semester, or change the semester selection that applies to your search results.
  • If you are looking for courses from the period before the 2012/13 winter semester, you can find information on earlier semesters here: http://myvv.fu-berlin.de/vorlesungsverzeichnis

Save current view or share current view with others

  • You can save the current view as a bookmark or favorite (Lesezeichen). Simply use your browser’s bookmarks or favorites feature to do so. If you would like to share the view with someone else, you can copy the contents of the address bar to an e-mail, for example.