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Accessibility Statement

Freie Universität Berlin is committed to making its website and mobile applications and services accessible. The legal basis for Freie Universität’s accessibility statement is the Law on Accessible Information and Communication Technologies of the State of Berlin (Barrierefreie-IKT-Gesetz Berlin – BIKTGBln) of March 4, 2019, which implements the Directive (EU) 2016/2102 of the European Parliament and of the European Council.

This accessibility statement applies to the website www.fu-berlin.de and the other official websites of Freie Universität Berlin that use Freie Universität Berlin’s corporate design and central content management system. 

A full list of the official websites can be found at www.fu-berlin.de/offizielle-websites.

For websites that are operated by university departments or central facilities but do not use Freie Universität’s corporate design and/or its central content management system, the statements on the individual websites apply.

Compatibility with BITV requirements

Freie Universität’s official websites are generally designed in compliance with the provisions of the German Ordinance on Accessible Information Technologies (BITV). The university monitors and adapts the design and technology used for its websites to ensure they meet accessibility requirements.

Freie Universität Berlin also offers training for web editors on building and maintaining accessible websites. 

Together with the Office for Students with Disabilities and Chronic Illnesses, the university is planning to carry out concurrent testing for BITV compliance.

Content with limited accessibility

Certain content available via Freie Universität’s official websites currently still offers only limited accessibility, including:

  • PDF documents
  • Web-based forms

We are working to improve accessibility in these areas.

Date of accessibility statement

This statement was written on November 25, 2020,

and was last updated on November 25, 2020.

Feedback and contact

The content of our websites should be equally accessible for people with disabilities and people who may have temporary or ongoing difficulty in accessing our websites due to individual circumstances. Should you notice any accessibility issues with our websites or mobile applications and services, please let us know!

Get in touch via our email address, digitale-barrierefreiheit@fu-berlin.de, and send us a short description of the problem together with the specific website address.

Freie Universität Berlin
Office of Communication and Marketing
Team Digital Communication
Kaiserswerther Straße 16/18
14195 Berlin
Tel.: +49 30 838 731 94
Email: digitale-barrierefreiheit@fu-berlin.de

Enforcement procedure and contacting the Officer for Digital Accessibility for the State of Berlin

If you do not receive a response from Freie Universität Berlin within a month of contacting us, or if our response does not adequately address your concerns, you may also contact the Officer for Digital Accessibility for the State of Berlin: