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Products for People like Us

The Funpreneur competition organized by profund, the start-up assistance organization of Freie Universität Berlin, offers new products for young people.

Dec 16, 2010

Praktische, leicht wieder abnehmbare Fahrradbeleuchtung wollen <i>Die Erleuchter</i> auf Berlins Radwegen etablieren.

Convenient, easily removable bicycle lights are one of the new products.
Image Credit: Die Erleuchter

It costs just five euros to enter: In the Funpreneur competition, students use small amounts of start-up capital to pursue business ideas, especially those that are supposed to appeal to their peers. Many of the 17 teams that have entered the Funpreneur competition organized during the winter semester aim to win over young people, especially, as customers.

The temporary entrepreneurs have already completed an idea workshop, sales training, and classes in marketing and law. Now they are working hard to launch their products and services on the market, with support from a business sector sponsor.

The Champions of “Enlightenment”

“We bring things to light” is the motto of Dina Westerheide, André Holtkämper, and Heiko Fleschen. With their bike light set, the three students aim to make Berlin’s dark streets safer for cyclists. The mini LED lamps are waterproof, durable, and above all, small enough to simply stash in a pocket. While the team did not invent the lights themselves, they have opened up a new sales channel: Right in front of university buildings, they offer the handy solution directly to students who are just getting ready to take off on unlit bikes.


Life without the Internet? For most young people, it’s unthinkable. Shopping, watching movies, getting in touch with friends – a huge number of everyday activities now take place in the digital world of Web 2.0. The team at meet-m applies the habits of the Internet generation to organizing driver training schools. Where schedules used to be painstakingly written up with paper and pen, driving students now have an easy way to register in a digital calendar system. In an all-around service package, Tizia Macia, Maximilian Stauss, and Robert Wasenmüller offer a software program that gives both driver training schools and their clients, most of whom are young, a great deal of flexibility.


From birthday parties to housewarming parties and the obligatory freshmen’s party – you don’t always know all of the guests, and sometimes you just can’t strike up a conversation. That’s where Frensis Fejziaj, Nicolai Seiffert, Dario Seipold, and Jessyca Staedtler of the SpreadDish team come in. They sell party cups with little games built right in. The cups guarantee that guests get to know each other quickly and have fun while doing so – without having to empty too many cups beforehand.


Nowadays, you can hardly imagine walking into an office, café, or university building without seeing the striking white apple symbol on a MacBook somewhere. In the creative scene, in particular, most customers rely on Mac products, which can tend to make the landscape a bit monotonous. Now Louise Grühn, Sabine Hellwig, and Adrian Otto of the ProPira team have had enough of conformity, developing individual adhesive films to fit MacBooks and iPhones. The special thing about them is that they can be removed without leaving any residue behind, letting users change the look of their devices as the mood strikes them. Now there’s nothing standing in the way of variety in seminars or on the job.


Temperatures hover around freezing outside, and dark clouds blanket the sky. Still, some people are already at work on planning their next summer vacation. While customers used to face dreary dressing rooms when trying on new clothes, the idea behind LRNR-innovations will bring a warm and happy feeling to any heart – starting right in the fitting room. Patrick Luzina, Jörg Naumann, Bengt Röger, and Sascha Rusch, four students, are developing sensory experiences for dressing rooms that match the types of clothing selected. If you walk into the room carrying a bikini, for instance, music and images will automatically convey a “beach” feeling, putting you more in the mood to buy.

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