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Freie Universität Invites Submissions for Teaching Award for Projects Focusing on Digitization

Fourth Award for Outstanding Teaching Projects to Be Presented in 2016

№ 258/2016 from Jul 18, 2016

Teaching projects that take up the subject of digitization and ideally use digital media and technology to convey knowledge can apply for the 2016 Teaching Award of Freie Universität. The award is endowed with 10,000 euros in grant money and is open to all status groups at Freie Universität Berlin – not only instructors, but also students, who can enter self-organized projects. The Teaching Award of Freie Universität is given in recognition of seminars, exercises, or lectures that are dedicated to the potential and challenges involved in digitization and make a contribution to the further development and evolution of the concept of research-oriented teaching at Freie Universität. The awards ceremony is scheduled for the 2017 summer semester. The goal of this annual award is to anchor top research even more firmly within the university’s teaching activities. Submissions will be accepted until October 17, 2016.

Digitization plays a role within all disciplines represented at Freie Universität Berlin, from the natural sciences to the humanities, where computer-assisted processes have become widespread in projects in the fields of digital and computational humanities and beyond. The challenges of digitization also include social and legal aspects, such as copyright law and handling of “big data.” As a result, the university welcomes submissions of projects from all disciplines – from the natural and life sciences to the humanities and social sciences – that can use the grant money to support their realization. Digital processes of communicating and acquiring knowledge, meaning digital teaching itself, may also be the subject matter of a course.

The Teaching Award is presented as part of the institutional strategy of Freie Universität within the Excellence Initiative of the German federal and state governments. It supports the implementation of the university’s concept of research-oriented teaching.

In 2013 the first Teaching Award went to a German-Israeli exchange project for history students training to become teachers. It was awarded for a project headed by Martin Lücke, a professor of history education at Freie Universität. The following year a course for company founders, "Trans Pro Idee," designed by Rainer Haag, a professor of chemistry at Freie Universität, and Leonhard Urner, a graduate student in Haag's group, won the Teaching Award. The most recent award went to support the course "Computational Metaphysics" that was set up by Dr. Christoph Benzmüller to give students majoring in philosophy, mathematics, and computer science an introduction to the current state of research in logic and the use of modern, computer-based proof-assistant systems.

Further Information

An interview (in German) about this year's competition can found in campus.leben, Freie Universität's online magazine.


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