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"Freie Universität Berlin strongly condemns the Russian government’s war of aggression on Ukraine. We stand with the Ukrainian people. Freie Universität Berlin does not and will never discriminate against people based on their heritage or where they come from. We firmly oppose any defamation or attacks against Russian and Belarusian members of our university."

President of Freie Universität Berlin, Prof. Günter M. Ziegler

University Responds to Russian Attack on Ukraine

Freedom and peace are a privilege – we cannot simply take them for granted. We are now seeing just how fragile freedom and peace are, even in Europe, as we bear witness to the horrors of war. We are concerned about all of the residents of Ukraine. As a university we are especially worried about the researchers and students affected by the war. We extend our solidarity to all of you.

Freie Universität Berlin has decided to suspend relations with scientific and academic institutions in Russia in response to the Russian attack on Ukraine. The university announced on Friday, February 25th, 2022 that it would put its partnerships and other cooperative activities with research institutions in Russia on hold.

This includes student exchange programs as well as its strategic partnership with St. Petersburg University. Freie Universität’s Liaison Office in Moscow will also close for the time being. Students, researchers, and scholars from Russia may still apply to Freie Universität Berlin for degree programs or employment.

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