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University Culture and Global Commitment

Freie Universität Berlin considers itself an educational institution that assumes responsibility on a global scale. It deliberately sets its founding principles and values in action through its collaborations. Freie Universität Berlin conceives of itself as an international university, an understanding that must be made tangible for and conveyed to all of its members. The campus itself should reflect the university’s culture as a place characterized by a global perspective, by cultural and linguistic diversity, and by a commitment to academic freedom and an enlightened tolerance.

In terms of internationalization, Freie Universität also commits to its founding principles of "Iustitia, Veritas, Libertas". The protection and defense of academic freedom is an important goal of our international activities and internationalization should be conducted responsibly and in dialogue with Freie Universität's global partners. In August 2020, the executive board published the strategy paper "Internationalization and Academic Freedom" that discusses these issues in more detail. 

The university culture is characterized by: