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Internationalization of Teaching and Education

Freie Universität attracts talented people from all over the world, as can be seen in the high percentage of international students who study here. Teaching at Freie Universität is characterized by a sensitivity to and awareness of international issues, which can be found in semester abroad requirements, international course content integrated into curricula, bilingual and multilingual teaching formats, and joint study programs with international partners. By further internationalizing the curriculum, Freie Universität Berlin seeks to prepare all students for a future in a globalized world (and workplace) and provide a chance to experience the value of transnational cooperation and intercultural encounters.

The Division of International Affairs supports these goals by:


Freie Universität Berlin is also a partner in the project BeCOIL, a network of all publicly funded universities in Berlin. The project aim is the promotion of the concept Collaborative Online Internationale Learning or COIL for short. More information can be found on the project blog BeCOIL.