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01 | 2022

No More Victims

Database project documenting the murder of women and girls selected for the Margherita von Brentano Prize from Freie Universität Berlin

Pioneer of Intersectionality

In the Berlin Southern Theory Lecture the Afro-Brazilian philosopher Djamila Ribeiro spoke about the gaps in “democracia racial” and the myth of cheerful post-ethnic coexistence in Brazil.

“I would like to change the way people view things”

Egyptian artist and art historian Heba Y. Amin is writing her doctoral thesis at Freie Universität while already teaching as a professor at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart

Research for the Future

Armin Ariamajd, a student at Freie Universität, is a recipient of a DAAD Prize for outstanding international students

The Role of Chance in the Development of the Brain

Emmy Noether Fellow and Group Leader Gerit Linneweber investigates individuality using the fruit fly

Leaving No Dragon Stone Unturned

A team of archaeologists is investigating how the lives of nomadic shepherds in the highlands of the South Caucasus interlink with “dragon stones” from the Copper Age

New Ideas, Enduring Dedication, and a Strong Sense of Responsibility: Looking Back on 2021 at Freie Universität Berlin

The pandemic and measures to combat it determined the course of another year – Freie Universität Berlin was able to cautiously ease back into on-site operations during the winter semester