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04 | 2017

Dec 18, 2017

Talking with the German President

(left to right): Wael Amayri, Elmedin Sopa, Yaser Hantouch, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Elke Büdenbender, Michael Müller, Raghad Koko, Steffen Krach, Muhammed Al Zeen, Sawsan Chebli, Mohamed Ali Mohamed, Peter-André Alt, Sabine Kunst, Christian Thomsen

At Freie Universität President Frank-Walter Steinmeier met with students and researchers who came to Berlin as refugees.

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Oxford and Berlin to partner in wide-ranging new research partnership

The University of Oxford is determined to remain connected with Europe and its European partners.

Cooperation expected to open up exciting new initiatives across all academic disciplines

Four Berlin institutions, Freie Universität Berlin, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Technische Universität Berlin, Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, and the University of Oxford, have set out to create a new partnership which will open up exciting new initiatives across all academic disciplines.

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ERC Starting Grants: Four Scholars and Scientists Awarded Grant Funding

Extraordinary singers: Male nightingales do not fight musical duels with their rivals. Instead, they sing along with them like in a duet.

A neuroscientist studies what happens in the brains of male nightingales while they sing.

Sweetly sings the nightingale...

In late spring, when a male nightingale starts looking for a mate, his voice is the only thing that matters. Males compete for the females’ favor in the dark of night. But the singing competition that erupts among multiple males sounds less like a duel than like a well-rehearsed duet.

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Gardening in a Global Greenhouse

The 18th-century Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Wörlitz (Dessau-Wörlitzer Gartenreich) offers an example of a historic garden. Shown here are the views from the urn to the synagogue, St. Peter’s Church, and the “Warning Altar” (Warnungsaltar).

How will historic gardens survive climate change? Teams of researchers are looking for answers – and using historical records and modern measuring stations to do so.

Plants in Berlin enjoyed unusually good natural watering this past summer. In average years, though, flowers, bushes, and trees are already feeling the effects of climate change. The climate is warming, and the vegetation is growing thirstier. It needs more water, or it gradually dries out.

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Ready for an Emergency?

Traumatic experience: During flooding on the Elbe River in 2013, the historic city center of Meissen, Germany, was under more than a meter of water.

Scholars and scientists from the Disaster Research Unit at Freie Universität Berlin study the social causes of disasters and human behavior in crisis situations – and have been doing so for more than 30 years now.

Satellite images only provide a rough impression of the hurricane’s scale: They show a white spiral, incessantly spinning around and inexorably approaching the Caribbean islands unlucky enough to lie in its path – Barbuda, Haiti, and Cuba, for example – before making landfall on the American mainland in Florida.

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Alumni Meeting in Berkeley

The alumni meeting at the UC Berkeley Faculty Club.

Strategic Partnership visit and insight into current developments at both universities

To strengthen the partnership and identify new opportunities for cooperation, Prof. Dr. Peter-André Alt, the president of Freie Universität Berlin, visited the University of California, Berkeley in early October.

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Freie Universität Turns 70 - Share Your Memories

What's your story?

Tell us your stories from your time at Freie Universität and contribute to a colorful mosaic of impressions and memories that bring the diversity of our university to life.

At Freie Universität, 2018 will be a year full of activities surrounding the celebration of the university’s 70th founding anniversary. There will be various events and projects highlighting the past, present, and future of our university.

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