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From the Editors

The website of Freie Universität Berlin has a new design and a new “International” section

May 25, 2016

The new "International" section.

The new "International" section.
Image Credit: Freie Universität Berlin

Freie Universität is a favorite destination for students all over the world. The university’s more than 100 partnerships with higher education institutions in other countries promote student exchanges and academic and scientific cooperation. The new “International” section presents the university’s international network and information on funding opportunities, with all of this information now appearing in a single location and with an even clearer and more easily understood design.

For example, this section offers an overview of cooperation activities and the seven liaison offices of Freie Universität. You can also learn about options available to students, doctoral candidates, and researchers. This newsletter, important dates, and information on funding calls can now be found in the News and Events section. If you would rather read the newsletter in German, a link to the original article within our various publications is provided at the end of each article.

The new design also makes the website easier to read on a smartphone or tablet, as the content display now automatically adjusts to various screen sizes. How do you like the new design? Do you think anything is missing from the “International” section? How do you like the International Newsletter? We look forward to receiving your feedback at webteam@fu-berlin.de.