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Helena Winterhager, Oxford (Great Britain)

My name is Helena Winterhager. I am 26 years old and studying for a master's degree in Classics at Freie Universität Berlin. Concurrently, I have just finished my master's degree in Ancient History at the University of Oxford and will be starting my PhD programme in history there in October. To go to Oxford has been my aim for a long time, since you can hardly find such a vibrant college life and inspiring academic environment anywhere else in the world. I am excited to report from Oxford in our blog, and I'm sure there will be lots of interesting things to relate.

So Near and Yet So Far

The last letter from the UK! Helena Winterhager will never forget the exciting, and sometimes strange, experiences she has had during her time in Oxford.

German Beer, Lively Exchange, and Impressive Guests

Letter from the UK! Helena Winterhager reports on her social activities at Oxford.

Where Time Seems to Stand Still

Letter from the UK! In Oxford Helena Winterhager sometimes feels like she is back in the early 20th century.

100,000 Words in Three Years

Letter from the UK! Helena Winterhager recommends waiting until the graduate level to go to Oxbridge.

Focusing on Tradition

Letter from the UK! Helena Winterhager talks us through Freshers’ Week at the University of Oxford.

Studying in a Harry Potter Setting

Letter from the UK! Helena Winterhager is delighted by British college life.