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São Paulo Office

Das Verbindungsbüro der Freien Universität in Brasilien befindet sich in der Wirtschafts- und Finanzmetropole São Paulo.

The Liaison Office of Freie Universität in Brazil is located in the economic and financial metropolis of São Paulo.
Image Credit: São Paulo Turismo

Christian Lazar, Head of the Liaison Office São Paulo

Christian Lazar, Head of the Liaison Office São Paulo
Image Credit: Wanezza Soares

Founded in October 2010, the São Paulo Office seeks to increase academic and scientific cooperation between Freie Universität and universities and research centers in Brazil and South America. It is located at the German House for Research and Innovation (DWIH) in São Paulo.

The primary concern of the São Paulo Office is to attract promising talents from the region for a study or research stay in Berlin, to facilitate scholarly cooperation, and to identify suitable instruments for cooperation in student exchange.

The São Paulo Office of Freie Universität Berlin aims to

  • increase inbound and outbound mobility among students and researchers
  • increase the visibility of Freie Universität in Brazil and the region, highlighting its outstanding research in many fields including studies of Latin America
  • inform students and scholars from the region about possibilities of funding from German and European institutions
  • identify suitable partners for cooperation in Brazil and South America
  • promote and facilitate new research cooperation through joint degrees
  • contribute to sustained academic exchange through alumni seminars and lectures

Contact the São Paulo Office

To contact the São Paulo Office, please follow this link.