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Awarding Scholarships from Third-party Funding

At Freie Universität Berlin, scholarships from third-party funding are awarded by the divisions IV (International Affairs), VI (Research) and the Dahlem Research School. For details regarding the respective responsabilities please see here.

For information on the process of awarding scholarships as well as for forms and templates please see here

If you wish to have scholarship letters signed by the Division of International Affairs, please hand in the following documents:

  • filled in template for awarding scholarships, signed by the project leader
  • declaration of consent, signed by the scholar
  • certificate of matriculation (students/ PhD students)
  • budget plan of the project

Since the Division of International Affairs does not keep project accounts, the original declarations of consent and acceptance are to be kept in the project file for further reference.


Dr. Benjamin Langer, Tel. 838-73449, benjamin.langer@fu-berlin.de or please see list of support staff (Liste der Zuständigkeiten).