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Global Faculty Program

Research stays by visiting scholars from abroad are effective means for enhancing the networking options for FUB's researchers, while simultaneously contributing to the internationalization of studying and research. Guest researchers shall be fully intergrated into the academic community at FUB. The Global Faculty Program is an open format enabling FUB professors from all fields to invite guests of their choosing, regardless of their affiliation with a FUB partner university.

Guests will receive a monthly lump sum of 2,500 Euro for their stay of one to three months as well as a travel subsidy. Due to the nature of the program, the stay has to overlap with the time when courses are in session. The following components are essential parts of the Global Faculty Program:

  • Collaboration on a specific research project
  • Active participation by the guest in a course
  • Public lecture at Freie Universität Berlin
  • Networking event at the hosting department

The application should dwell on the implementation of the aforementioned components within the framework of the research stay. The following criteria are essential to a successful application:

  • Clearly worded and designed proposal
  • Palpable description of the components mentioned above
  • Expected synergies and benefits for the ongoing research on both sides
  • Contribution of proposed activities to establishing a sustainable research cooperation

The application should be submitted three months prior to the research stay