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Erasmus+ Teaching Staff Mobility

Freie Universität welcomes visiting scholars who would like to implement short-term teaching assignments through the Erasmus+ Program. The basic prerequisite is that the two universities hold an up-to-date inter-institutional Erasmus-Agreement that permits the exchange of scholars for teaching purposes.

Information regarding the conditions and financial and other matters for the preparation and carrying out of a short-term teaching assignment must be obtained from the central Erasmus+ office of the home university. The financing of the teaching assignments of visiting scholars is covered solely through Erasmus-funds of the home university.

Content-related aspects of the teaching assignment must be coordinated with the subject coordinator in the individual departments or institutes of Freie Universität. It is advisable to take up this contact soon enough to include the courses taught by the visiting professor/instructor in the catalog of courses at Freie Universität.