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Cooperative initiatives

© Institut für Mathematik

© Institut für Mathematik

Cooperative initiatives at the German and international level with university and non-university research institutions and with businesses enhance the research being conducted at Freie Universität Berlin while also strengthening the university’s position as a competitive research institution on the international stage.

The cooperative initiatives in which the university is involved encompass the various fields of research, including that being done by junior scholars and scientists, and help promote the spread of internationalization at the academic and scientific level on an ongoing basis. This also means that shared resources can be utilized at the same time within strategic partnerships.

These partnerships include research alliances at the regional, nationwide, and international levels with institutions that are affiliated with the university and those outside it and also companies from the business and industrial sectors. They involve all groups of disciplines represented at Freie Universität Berlin. Socially, politically, and economically relevant topics as well as lines of inquiry in the physical and life sciences are examined from a scientific perspective and further developed with an eye to the future.

The Research Database of Freie Universität lists more projects with or without cooperation covered by external funding.