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“A Warning for All of Us, Showing Where Hatred Can Lead”

#WeRemember – Members of Freie Universität Berlin paid their respects to the victims of Nazi tyranny in a vigil on the campus in Dahlem.

Feb 16, 2024

“You Need to Show Collegiality and Respect, Even If You Disagree with Someone”

Talking about the conflict in the Middle East: An interview with Jewish studies professor Susannah Heschel from Dartmouth College, USA

Feb 02, 2024

“We Have to Create Spaces for Constructive Discussion – Especially in Contentious and Conflictual Situations”

The informational and educational event series “Talking about the Conflict in the Middle East – Confronting Antisemitism and Racism” launched at Freie Universität Berlin on January 25, 2024 / An interview with Verena Blechinger-Talcott

Jan 22, 2024

Crimes Committed in the Name of Science

“Race” Theory and Forced Sterilizations: Under the Nazis, research was conducted in the name of science on the campus of what today is Freie Universität Berlin

Jan 22, 2024

Bridge of Understanding

Since the 1970s, the Levy Foundation has been providing funds to support German-Israeli academic exchanges and student exchanges at Freie Universität Berlin. Until recently, little was known about the background of this foundation.

Dec 03, 2023

Pushing the Boundaries of Science

Science slams, podium discussions, and improv theater: Berlin Science Week 2023 celebrates the diversity of science

Oct 27, 2023

A Blessing and a Curse

A glance at the exhibit inside the Henry Ford Building demonstrates the different ways in which scientific knowledge can be put to use – not all of them positive

Oct 16, 2023

Scholarship Program for Doctoral Candidates Interested in Shaping the Future of Europe

From October onward applications for the Europaeum Scholars Program will be open to doctoral candidates who want to make Europe a better place and collaborate on multidisciplinary projects

Oct 11, 2023

“Even the Smallest Contribution Can Make a Big Difference”

Fundraising campaign for Médecins Sans Frontières at Freie Universität Berlin

Sep 18, 2023

What Exactly Does a Liaison Office Do?

Liaison office director Hoda El-Mahgoub met with campus.leben in Cairo

Sep 11, 2023