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Research Training Groups at Freie Universität Berlin

Research Training Groups (GRKs) are university training programs established for a specific time period (up to nine years) to support young researchers in their pursuit of a doctorate. The Research Training Groups provide doctoral students with the opportunity to work within a coordinated research program run by a number of university professors.

Freie Universitaet Berlin hosts 5 GRKs, 8 GRK are integrated in a Collaborative Research Group, and participates in 6 others.

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International GRK 1571: Entre Espacios - Movimientos, Actores y Representaciones de la Globalizacion / Between spaces. Movements, Actors and Representations of Globalization
- since 2009 -

Spokesperson: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Stefan Rinke
Address: Institute for Latin American Studies, Rüdesheimer Str. 54-56, 14197 Berlin

GRK 1582: Fluorine as a Key Element. Discovering Innovative Synthetic Concepts to Generate Novel Molecules with Unique Properties
- since 2009 -

Spokesperson: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Beate Koksch
Address: Dept. of Biology, Chemistry, Phamarcy; Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Fabeckstr. 34-36, 14195 Berlin

International GRK 1879: Human Rights under Pressure - Ethics, Law and Politics
- since 2014 -

Spokesperson: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Klaus Hoffmann-Holland
Address: Dept. of Law, Criminal Law, Van't-Hoff-Str. 8, 14195 Berlin

GRK 2046: Parasite Infections: From Experimental Models to Natural Systems
- since 2015 -

Spokesperson: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Susanne Hartmann
Address: Dept. of Veterinary Medicine, Institute of Immunology, Robert-von-Ostertag-Str. 7-13, 14163 Berlin

GRK 2248: Global Intellectual History - Transfer, Ideas Circulating, Actors (18th - 20th century)

Spokesperson: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Sebastian Conrad
Address: Dept. of History and Cultural Studies, Friedrich-Meinecke-Institut, History, Koserstr. 20, 14195 Berlin
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GRK 1558: Nonequilibrium Collective Dynamics in Condensed Matter and Biological Systems
- since 2009 -

Participating scientist: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Roland Netz (Dept. of Physics, Theoretical Physics), (participation since 2014)
Univ. of the spokesperson: Technische Universität Berlin

GRK 1589: Sensory Computation in Neural Systems
- since 2010 -

Participating scientists: Dr. Felix Blankenburg (Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience, Dep. of Education and Psychology, Experimental and Neurocognitive Psychology), Univ.-Prof. Dr. Hauke Heekeren (Dep. of Education and Psychology, Affective Neuroscience & Psychology of Emotion), Dr. Martin Nawrot (Dep. of Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy, Neurobiology), Marc Toussaint (Dep. of Mathematics and Computer Science, Institute of Computer Science)
Univ. of the spokesperson:
Technische Universität Berlin

International GRK 1705: The World in the City: Metropolitanism and Globalization from the 19th Century to the Present
- since 2012 -

Participating scientists: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Sebastian Conrad (Dep. of History and Cultural Studies, Friedrich-Meinecke-Institute), Univ.-Prof. Dr. Margit Mayer (John-F. Kennedy-Institute for North American Studies), Univ.-Prof. Dr. Klaus Mühlhahn (Dep. of History and Cultural Studies, Chinese Studies), Univ.-Prof. Dr. Stefan Rinke (Institute of Latin American Studies), Univ.-Prof. Dr. Klaus Segbers (Institute of east European Studies)
Univ. of the spokesperson:
Technische Universität Berlin

International GRK 1800: Moduli and Automorphic Forms: Arithmetic and Geometric Aspects
- since 2012 -

Freie Universität Berlin: Co-Applicant institution (Algebraic Geometry, Prof. Dr. Klaus Altmann; Complex Analysis, Prof. Dr. Alexander Schmitt)
Univ. of the spokesperson:
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

GRK 2118 Integrating Biodiversity Research with Movement Ecology in Dynamic Agricultural Landscapes (BioMove)
- since 2015 -

Participating scientist: Univ.-Prof. Dr.  Matthias Rillig (Dep. of Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy, Botany)
Univ. of the spokesperson:
Universität Potsdam

GRK 2043 Natural Hazards and Risks in a Changing World (NatRiskChange)
- since 2015 -

Participating scientist: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Uwe Ulbrich (Dep. of Earth Sciences, Meteorology)
Univ. of the spokesperson:
Universität Potsdam

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Freie Universität Berlin hosted the following research training groups:

  • GRK 101 Comparison of the Society in Historical, Sociological and Anthropological Perspective (1992 - 2001)
  • GRK 120 Signalling Cascades in Living Systems (1998 - 2003)
  • GRK 276 Signal Recognition and Transduction (1996 - 2005)
  • GRK 406 The Staging of the Body (1997 - 2006)
  • GRK 429 Neuropsychiatry and Psychology: Psychic Potentials and Limits in Old Age (1998 - 2007)
  • GRK 588 European Research Training Group: Combinatorics, Geometry and Computation (2000 - 2005)
  • GRK 788 Hydrogen Bonding and Hydrogen Transfer (2002 - 2007)
  • GRK 865 Mechanisms of Vasoregulation (2003 - 2007)
  • GRK 1012 Organizational Paths (2005 - 2014)
  • International GRK 1673 Functional Molecular Infection Epidemiology (2010 - 2015)
  • International GRK 1369: InterArt / Interart Studies (2006-2015)
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