Central Institutes: John F. Kennedy Institute for North American Studies, Institute for Latin American Studies, Institute for East European Studies

Main Fields of Research:

John F. Kennedy Institute for North American Studies

  • History, culture, politics, literature, economics, and sociology of North America
  • Urban culture of American cities
  • Serial narratives in American popular culture
  • Neoliberal economic policies
  • Colonial history of North America

Institute for Latin American Studies

  • Sociology, culture, history, literature, economics, and politics of Latin America
  • Requirements, conditions, and characteristics of Latin American modernity
  • Investigation of the varied transcultural dynamics of social movements and political and economic transformation processes
  • Cultural and social anthropology
  • Gender studies

Institute for East European Studies

  • History, culture, politics, sociology, and economy of Eastern Europe
  • Transformation processes in Eastern Central, Southeastern, and Eastern Europe and their historical baseline conditions
  • Russia in conflict with its Eastern European neighbors within and outside the EU that were formerly in the Soviet sphere of influence; Southeastern Europe in a comparative perspective
  • Ethno-national conflicts in Eastern Europe

Involvement in Multidisciplinary Research Areas:

  • Transregional relations
  • Cultural dynamics